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Mystery Selves Part Four: Sneak Peek

Randi Turkin March 20, 2018

Part Four publishes March 22, 2018

Previously in Mystery Selves, we meet Diana, the surly and somewhat spoiled daughter of Mona who would rather be anywhere than on a road trip with her mother to visit Mona’s best childhood friend, Gail, and her escape artist daughter, Julie. Instead of joining the group for Gail’s concert, Julie sneaks out to a party to meet up with her new boyfriend, Leo. But the night doesn’t turn out exactly how Julie hopes it will, and this week we find out why.

Excerpt from Part Four:

Julie got a lift to Ian’s party which was in Brattleboro, about ten miles from her own house, with a girl named Terry who lived down the street from the Mclntyres. It was nine-thirty when they arrived and already the place was jammed. Terry immediately grabbed a boy and started dancing. Julie wandered through the rooms, looking for Leo. When she couldn’t find him, she shared a joint with someone out on the porch and went for a walk on the road behind the house, under stars that had just begun to shimmer in a thickening sky.

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