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Mystery Selves

Mystery Selves Part Seven: Sneak Peek

Randi Turkin April 11, 2018

Part Seven publishes April 12, 2018

Previously in Mystery Selves, teenage girls Julie and Diana find a dead body in a house in the Vermont woods. The corpse has clearly od’d on cocaine, and the bag of white powder that Julie let her boyfriend Leo stash in the kitchen pantry is missing. Diana knows Julie only did it so that Leo would love her, so she keeps her promise not to tell Julie’s secret, even when both girls are questioned by the police. Then, Diana overhears her mother telling Gail about the affair she is having because she feels alone in her marriage to Diana’s father. It’s at this crucial moment that Diana swears she will never let herself get tied down by the bonds of love. In this week’s installment, the girls go on a drive in the middle of the night to get some answers about Leo who is still missing.

Excerpt from Part Seven:

The keys to Mona’s rented Nissan Altima were in her handbag on the hall table. Diana felt like she was performing surgery as she removed them. Outside it was cave­ black and the hot thick air resonated with a continuous croaking chorus of frogs. Diana slid behind the wheel of the Nissan and held her breath as she started the engine. Mona took sleeping pills, so they didn’t have to worry about her, but one never knew with Gail who was up two, three times a night to pee. She backed the car with excruciating slowness down the drive. No lights came on in the house. She backed onto the dirt road — still no lights — put the car into drive and accelerated. They were in business!