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Mystery Selves

Mystery Selves Part Six: Sneak Peek

Randi Turkin April 3, 2018

Part 6 publishes April 5, 2018

Previously in Mystery Selves, Julie and Diana venture through the woods to the Randolphs’ house to feed the cat. There they discover the body of a 25-year-old Hispanic man with black threads of blood trickling from his nose and mouth. The cocaine that Julie and her boyfriend Leo had hidden in the pantry two days earlier is gone, vanished, just like Leo. This week, the two girls are questioned by the police and we learn a secret about Diana’s mother that changes everything.

Excerpt from Part Six:

Gail was overwrought by Julie’s lie about babysitting. “I can’t trust you,” she kept wailing.

“Kids do stuff,” Julie remonstrated. “You and Mona used to smoke pot.”

Gail’s eyes flitted to the window. The cops were just driving away. “Yeah, but I’m a grown-up now and what I did in the past isn’t important. I don’t want you getting in trouble.” She studied Julie unhappily. “That guy o.d.’d, Julie. Take it as a lesson. You’re grounded.”

The police also questioned Diana who, true to her promise, said nothing about Leo or the hidden cocaine. Afterwards she took a long walk and inadvertently ended up at what she now thought of as the house of horror. It was dusk and she wanted to turn and run, but something made her stand there and observe the yellow police tape slashed across the front door, the shadows settling even more deeply over the dreary little house.

Never, she thought, would she allow herself to fall in love the way Julie had. She was still a virgin, had not yet even been properly kissed, a fact that shamed and upset her since most girls she knew already had boyfriends. But Diana was too particular to go with just anyone — at least that’s what she told herself (deep down inside, she feared that her manner was too aloof and her bony face too sharp and ugly to attract boys). She didn’t want to admit, not even to herself, how afraid she was of the bonds created by sexual love, the stupid, desperate emotions that ended up controlling one’s whole life, dulling the brain and pushing one into choices that might be perpetually regretted.