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Mystery Selves

Mystery Selves Part Two: Sneak Peek

Randi Turkin March 6, 2018

Part Two Publishes March 8, 2018

Previously in Mystery Selves, we learn that Julie is the adopted daughter of Gail, a cellist going through menopause, and Frank, a mostly absent father and owner of a health food store. Sent to them from Korea as a baby, Julie has always felt out of place, and her parents, especially her mother, have always stressed how much she is loved to the point where Julie resents that love, because it’s like a giant, sticky net tripping her up, impeding forward movement. For this reason Julie spends a lot of time out of the house often getting into situations a teenage girl has no place being.

This week, we meet Leo Wysocki, the boy who turns Julie’s life upside down.

Excerpt from Part Two:

He laid his palm gently against her cheek. “You don’t know how great you are, do you?”

She was aware of the teary shine in her eyes as she shook her head.

“Well, you are, you’re beautiful, and you ‘re probably the only person who understands what it’s like to be me.” He stood and pulled her out of her chair, kissing her, his tongue fluttering against hers. She could feel his erection through his jeans. For a moment she was scared, unsure if she really wanted to do this, but then, as he reached under her shirt and cupped his hand over her breast, she heard him whisper sorrowfully, “We’re both mysteries to ourselves, aren’t we?”

The words were as lilting as music, as heart-wrenching and deep as the feelings her mother tried to express when she sat for hours in the studio, playing her cello. At the sound of them, the stitch of fear in Julie’s gut dissolved and her whole body went liquid with a tenderness that was almost painful.

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