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Nancy Pelosi, Fighter

Nicole Jeffords 4 years ago

Nancy Pelosi, Fighter


Drawing by Nicole Jeffords, October 2020

Every time I try to paint or draw Nancy Pelosi, she comes out as a caricature, and that’s what’s happened here. Big smile, carefully done hair, lots of teeth. If you ask my Republican husband what he thinks of Nancy Pelosi, he’ll say she’s a horrible bitch. I’m not of the same political persuasion, and don’t agree. I adore Nancy — the way she fights opponents, talks fast fast fast, totters around on those high heels. Right now, while fighting for a stimulus bill that will help hundreds of thousands of Americans and go a long way to keep our economy viable, McConnell wants to shelve the whole thing till after the election because the Senate is too busy with the Supreme Court and the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. That’s all he cares about while Nancy’s doing her best to see that desperate citizens receive enough money to put food on their table and to keep the economy going. That seems noble to me, unlike stealing a Supreme Court seat two weeks before a presidential election.


Editor’s note: ArtProfiler founder, Nicole Jeffords, is completing one drawing of a political subject every day up until the election. For other drawings and commentary, visit the portfolio below. 

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