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Advice: Knowles Knows

No Sign of Life | Knowles Knows, Covid-19 Edition (Episode 8)

CD Knowles May 21, 2020

“There was no sign of life at all.”

Aralyn is back with ArtProfiler editors, Nicole and Randi, sooner than expected to report on her visit to Dr. Wang and Caitlin’s home. She drove her art car to the house, gigantic bananas and all, through the uncongested Austin streets (the one positive from the pandemic… no traffic). The Wangs live in Hyde Park, an old Austin neighborhood just north of UT’s campus.

art car

Aralyn with her art car

No one was at the house–newspapers were piled up, the shades were drawn, there was no sign of life. So Aralyn approached a neighbor’s home and knocked on the door. The woman who answered was unfriendly and didn’t want to talk, but she did confirm to Aralyn that she hadn’t seen the Wangs in weeks. Another female neighbor, who happened to be outside gardening, was more welcoming and told Aralyn she hadn’t seen Caitlin or her husband in months. It was an uneventful adventure out for Aralyn, who hasn’t left her home since mid-March.

Surprisingly, the very next day after venturing out, Aralyn received confirmation that Caitlin is indeed alive, though not well, and the whole experience has left Aralyn rattled. “I have enough chaos in my life [already],” she stated, and asked us to leave her out of it moving forward.

But things have finally started coming together in the search for our missing advice columnist, C.D. Knowles, and we think we will finally get some answers from Caitlin herself.

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