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From the Editors 2 years ago

ArtProfiler is partnering with the CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY POLITICAL ART and MILLENNIUM ARTS SALON, both D.C. based 501(c)(3) nonprofits, to bring the Good Trouble/ U Decide Exhibition to a national audience.

good trouble


Open Call for Artists!

Please visit the Center for Contemporary Political Art’s website for submission guidelines.

Deadline for submissions is October 3, 2020!

On November 3rd, Americans will be asked to vote in what may be the most consequential election of the century. The choices are clear. It’s the opportunity We the People have to decide the future direction of our country at this difficult time in its history. Reminding voters when and why they should vote is vitally important. Which is why Washington’s CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY POLITICAL ART and Washington’s MILLENNIUM ARTS SALON, both 501(c)(3) nonprofits, are issuing this Open Call for Art to illustrate Get-Out-the-Vote posters to be shown in a juried exhibition in Washington, circulated on social media, and possibly displayed on billboards and heavy traffic areas in cities across the country.

The exhibition’s organizers have created 10 templates, each expressing a different issue or reason which we think should motivate the electorate to vote this November. Artists are being asked to create art that best illustrates the message the words convey. The original art for the posters may be of any medium but it must be photographed and placed on the template so that your submission (jpeg) is a complete poster. Each artist may submit one or two posters for each of the templates, which means each artist may submit only one poster or as many as 16.

Please refer to the full list of guidelines and instructions to apply HERE. (Do NOT send your submissions to ArtProfiler, as we are not in charge of selections!)

good trouble


More information about ArtProfiler’s involvement in this exhibition will be released next week. (HINT: we need donations for printing costs – or a connection to a local printer who is politically active and excited to partner with us — and a team of people dedicated to papering Austin neighborhoods the weekend of Oct 9-11. Details forthcoming.)

good trouble


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