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Orna Feinstein’s “A Circle in a Circle is a Tree” (CAMIBAart Gallery)

Nicole Jeffords 9 months ago

Do not miss Orna Feinstein’s show at CAMIBAart Gallery!



Orna Feinstein

I had a very pleasant surprise visiting the CAMIBAart Gallery for the opening of Orna Feinstein’s show, A Circle in a Circle is a Tree, last Saturday night, March 17. I’ll start with an obvious fact: Ms. Feinstein, who was born in Israel but lives in Houston, is obsessed with trees. Her fascination with trees and nature began when she was a child and continued with a study of botany, biology and chemistry in high school and college. For the past twenty years her artwork has focused, with what seems like increasing intensity, on the inner and outer structures of trees: linear patterns in the wood, concentric circles in the grain, and what Ms. Feinstein calls the “vascular tissue of a tree as seen under a microscope.” (Orna Feinstein, CAMIBAart Gallery handout for the exhibition.)


Dendros #4; 2017; 24”x24”; acrylic on canvas, $3200


Detail of Dendros #4

What interested me most about Ms. Feinstein’s work was the way she translated a rigorous scientific study of her subject into a strong aesthetic vision of its appearance in her imagination using a variety of mediums, most notably the layering of monoprints and cut paper.


From the Chemistree series, 35”x27” framed; Monoprint on paper & laser cut paper, with acrylic on laser cut paper, $3200


Detail of Chemistree series piece above

Her website gives a far better description of her process than I can offer here. For me, the end result of Ms. Feinstein’s tree constructs fascinates in the way they create movement within each piece. Looking at the works from different angles brings changing perceptions, a wonderful experience for the viewer.


Chemistree #18, 2018, 49”x35” framed; Monoprint on paper & laser cut paper, with acrylic on laser cut paper, $5,400

Tree Dynamics #63, 2014, 35”x68”, Monoprint on laser cut paper, and Plexiglas with fabric, $7200

For a fun time, I recommend going over to CAMIBAart and checking out this show. If you take a look at the video below, you’ll see why.

A Circle in a Circle is a Tree is on exhibit at CAMIBAart Gallery – 2832 E MLK Jr. Blvd, Suite 111 | Austin, TX 78702 – from March 17–April 14, 2018.