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The Personality Disorder Afflicting Mary Trump’s Uncle (Swamp Report)

Charles Krause 4 weeks ago

Donald Trump suffers from the same pathology as Jim Jones and Josef Stalin. It’s an extreme form of Narcissist personality disorder identified by Erich Fromm in 1963 as Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

jim jones

Jim Jones

It is largely untreatable and very dangerous.

swamp report

The Swamp Report
15 June 2020

Swamp analytica

What lurks in
the tortured minds of
Narcissist men?

Mary Trump believes
her uncle suffers from a
Narcissistic personality disorder
which makes him a danger 
to himself, his family, 
his country and
the world.

personality disorder

Donald Trump is not a
fascist, Nativist or even an
all-in white supremacist.

Clearly, he has some ingrained
prejudices. But he has no
discernible ideology
to codify or justify them.

What he does have is a mental
illness that compels him to
seek absolute control over 
everything and everyone
within his reach.

Like Stalin, he will destroy people’s
lives, including those closest to
him, to maintain his power. 
And like Jim Jones, he will seek
revenge against his perceived
enemies and destroy the
source of his power, 
if necessary,
before admitting defeat
 and allowing it to be
taken from him.


I’m not a psychiatrist, psychologist or mind reader. But I was in Jonestown during much of the last 24 hours of its existence.

I witnessed the final stage of Jim Jones’s mental illness and its consequences: the murder of his perceived enemies, Rep. Leo J. Ryan and NBC correspondent Don Harris, and I was the first reporter to see the evidence of his last, shockingly cruel and selfish Narcissist command, the “revolutionary” mass suicide murder of his his family and more than 900 other members of his Peoples Temple.

When it was over, that Saturday in November 1978, all that was left of Jonestown were a few howling dogs and a washtub, still half-full of the nasty, cyanide-laced purple liquid that had killed them all—all except for Jones, who took a bullet to his head. From the air, the bodies looked like confetti sprinkled around the main pavilion; on the ground, they were packed so tight, mothers on top of their children, it took days to determine exactly how many were there.

Although I could not, at the time, give a clinical name to the symptoms Jones exhibited, I vividly remember his response to virtually every question we asked. “Lies! Lies! Lies,” he would shout, then continue with a jumble of words that made little sense, voiced in a wounded whisper. Jones had fled California the year before, accused of everything from money-laundering to election fraud to forcing himself sexually on members of his flock, both young men and and young women. Yet it was all lies, or fake news in today’s parlance, he claimed, spread by disgruntled former Temple members out to get him.

charles krause

CHARLES KRAUSE | Georgetown, Guyana | 19 Nov 1978

Only recently did I learn, from a series of detailed and convincing research papers by Dr. Gary Maynard, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Tennessee, that Jim Jones exhibited virtually all nine symptoms of malignant or pathological Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), as defined by Erich Fromm in 1963 as he was trying to understand the psychological make up of Hitler, Stalin and other authoritarian leaders capable of ordering the murders of millions of people without remorse or guilt or shame, to gain and maintain their absolute power.

Perhaps the most frightening and dangerous characteristic of this pathology, and the reason Fromm used the word “malignant” to describe it, is its tendency to become more pronounced as those who suffer from it grow older and begin to feel their physical and mental power slipping away. It’s at this stage that they become most dangerous to themselves and to Society because they are prone to seek revenge against those they view as their enemies and destroy their power base rather than acknowledge defeat and allow it to be taken from them.

There are different kinds of Narcissistic Personality Disorders (NPD); not all of them “malignant;” and it’s not always possible to diagnose or predict whether a narcissist will become violent as she or he begins to age or faces the loss of their power. It is also a violation of the rules of professional conduct for psychologists and psychiatrists to offer a diagnosis of a public official’s mental state without having interviewed them.

So, while Mary Trump uses the general term Narcissist to describe her uncle, and the title of her book (“the most dangerous man in the world”) suggests she thinks he suffers from the most extreme and dangerous Narcissistic Personality Disorder, she does not actually come right out and say it.

Yesterday, in her first interview, with George Stephanopoulos, she did say she thinks her uncle should resign from the presidency, while in her book she writes that his re-election will result “in the end of American democracy.”

What she doesn’t do is tell us how persons suffering from malignant NPD react when they sense they have been,  or soon will be, defeated and their power taken from them. For that, we have Maynard’s fourth research paper describing Jim Jones’s mindset when Cong. Ryan and his legislative assistant, Jackie Speier (now Rep Jackie Speier (D-Calif)), arrived in Jonestown on November 17, 1978, with nine journalists, the U.S. Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission, a representative of the Guyanese government and eight to 10 members of the Concerned Relatives group critical of Jones and worried about the safety of the 900 Americans in Jonestown, many of whom were said to be unhappy but prevented from leaving to return to the United States.


In light of concerns expressed by any number of observers, beginning with Michael Cohen’s warning that Donald Trump would never give up the Presidency voluntarily and now Mary Trump’s book, I find reading Maynard’s dispassionate description of how persons afflicted with malignant NPD behave when threatened, absolutely chilling. Add to that what Jim Jones did when he thought he would be lose control of Jonestown as a result of Ryan’s visit, I think it becomes imperative that civil society in the United States demand that safeguards be put in place before Donald Trump tries to disrupt the election and the peaceful Constitutional order.

personality disorder

Race Odyssey by Gary Aagaard (2016)

Decide what you think after reading these excerpts from Maynard’s paper, Jim Jones and Narcissist Personality Disorder (Part IV): The Violent Stage of NPD. Keep in mind the latest polls, all of them showing Donald Trump headed toward certain defeat, and that Maynard wrote this paper in 2013, two years before Trump announced his candidacy for president.

  • “The final stage of NPD is the part of a narcissist’s life when the world they have known in the past starts to spin out of their control. The loss of power and prowess over others is devastating to a megalomaniac narcissist. It damages and unhinges the narcissist psychologically and emotionally, leading to an intra-personal implosion followed by a violent explosive end for the narcissist and others around them.”
  • “Within this implosion, narcissists have a tendency towards feelings of vengeance against those they believe have harmed them by doing things that expose or weaken their position. This leads them to cast others as the villains making it impossible for them to recognize that their failures are being caused by their own behavior. Additionally, when narcissists are backed into a corner and feel threatened they many times lash out violently against society and their own personal social network.”
  • “It is clear to social scientists and those who knew Jim Jones personally, that he was arrogant, overbearing, abusive, vain, hypocritical, violent and suffering from most of the nine characteristics identified by psychologists constituting the mental disorder known as NPD. Most narcissists have very little power over large groups of people; Jim Jones desired and eventually exercised power over hundreds of followers through the strength of his personal persuasiveness, ideas, charisma and speaking skills. His ability to lead and control the behavior of hundreds of willing and well-meaning members of Peoples Temple magnified the direct and indirect damage of his NPD on those around him.”

After a brief introduction, Maynard discusses the changes that cause Narcissists to become violent:

  • “The first change that occurs in the narcissist is related to the process of aging. In general, narcissists are vain and revel in their looks, youth, physical prowess and vitality. Narcissists use their youth and looks as a way to gain power and confirm to themselves that they are better than others. As a narcissist ages, becomes ill and begins to lose their looks a panic ensues inside them. This panic drives narcissists to use alternative means of controlling others as their looks and health fade.”
  • “The negative attention and questions being raised by journalists about Jim Jones’ misuse and abuse of his position in the group drove him to become more and more paranoid. Most narcissists when exposed to this type of sustained public assault on their intensely high level of self-esteem will react by blaming those that are attacking them, create and execute plans of evasion and revenge and in general will act in an emotionally imbalanced and erratic way. In the simplest evaluation when a narcissist’s life implodes and the things they believe about themselves and their feelings of superiority begin to be chipped away or utterly destroyed by failure in their personal and professional life they are unable to accept this and this many times leads to the cycle of violence that end the life of the narcissist and others around them.”
  • “Most normal people when faced with failure or public attacks may not want to accept it, but they do. Most normal people when faced with failure and the loss of friends and family will engage in self-examination and attempt to change their behavior or re-focus their life. Most normal people will not blame others for 100% of their failures and would not plan revenge against those involved in pointing out the failure. By contrast, narcissists never blame themselves or their own actions for the failures in their lives. Narcissists blame other people, invisible enemies, amorphous threats, the jealousy and judgment of others for their failures.”
  • “The more narcissists fail due to lack of skill or the exposure of their faults publicly, the more potentially angry, vengeful and violent they become. As mentioned in the previous essay on NPD and Jim Jones (Part III), narcissists harbor resentments towards all those who embarrass or harm them and make plans for revenge against those people. Plans that many of them carry out with intense anger and hatred for those they seek to harm. In the face of failure, it is kill or be killed to many narcissists and if you couple this homicidal anger with the deterioration of the body and mind due to aging, the later stages of NPD can be very dangerous and damaging to society.”
  • “The fear of loss of power and the failed attempts to re-assert control can sometimes lead the narcissist to create a permanent solution to the rapid implosion of their life. Many times this permanent solution takes the shape of a murder-suicide or mass-murder event. In the case of Jim Jones, he seemed to follow this pattern in many ways. He took deliberate action to target and threaten the lives of all those who he considered to be his personal enemies – former members, the US government, Rep. Ryan, the members of the Concerned Relatives and the press who Jim Jones felt had led to his downfall by spreading lies about him.”
  • Many narcissists know no limits to what they will do to those they hate and blame; the narcissist is never wrong in their own mind and so taking violent action against their enemies is justified in their mind. In the end, 900 people died along with Jim Jones in a horrific event.”
  • “The actions of Jim Jones and the expression of the worst aspects of NPD are a lesson to all humanity. A lesson to be weary of those who seem too good to be true and think too much of themselves. A lesson to be cautious of those who tell you they have all the answers and will take care of all your needs and desires. A lesson to all that malignant self-love and the lust for power lead to death and destruction. If we are to prevent such events in the future we must not be afraid to confront and remove severe narcissists from society.”

Instead, it seems we elected one president of the United States.

I wasn’t surprised to learn Rep. Speier had come to the same conclusion I have about the President. She first called Trump a “malignant Narcissist” who was “unfit” to be President in 2017, after Charlottesville. We’ve had several long talks about Jonestown but never about this.

jackie speier

I only hope the country will begin to take our warnings, and now Mary Trump’s, seriously.

Because it will soon be too late.

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