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Advice: Knowles Knows

Picture Perfect | Knowles Knows, Covid-19 Edition (Ep 5)

CD Knowles May 4, 2020

Picture Perfect | Knowles Knows, Covid-19 Edition (Ep 5)

ArtProfiler editors, Nicole and Randi, think they have finally figured out who advice columnist, C.D. Knowles, is! They say a picture is worth a thousand words — truer words have never been spoken as it relates to this investigation.

Our advice columnist who writes under the pseudonym, C.D. Knowles, and who we’ve never met in person or known their real name or gender (we’ve always assumed him to be male), stopped communicating with us in mid-February. This seemed unlike him and felt strange, so after six weeks of wondering who he is or what happened, we reached out to the public with a request to help us find him. A week later we received an anonymous tip that to find Knowles, we needed to find a Dr. Wang in UT’s virology department. We did some research and found this Dr. Wang, which wasn’t an easy feat since he exclusively does research and does not appear on any staff directories. When we learned that Dr. Wang had stopped showing up to work around the same time that we lost contact with Knowles, we became convinced that Dr. Wang is C.D. Knowles. But last week we interviewed Lydia, a PhD student working in the doctor’s virology lab, and from what she told us, Dr. Wang doesn’t really fit the profile of an advice columnist. But we decided to do some more digging into him anyway, and we found something!

In May of 2016, The Daily Texan published a story about a gala fundraiser for UT’s Medical Branch. Embedded in the article was a picture of Dr. Wang and his wife. The caption stated, “Dr. Li Wang (virology) with wife, CD Wang.”

C-D Wang, as in C-D Knowles! Dr. Wang isn’t our columnist, it’s his wife! Caitlin Wang is C.D. Knowles! She is female! At least this is our current theory. We feel that we are on the right track and we’ll be doing some more digging into Caitlin Wang and/ or CD Wang. We still haven’t been able to talk with anyone in that lab besides Lydia, and she told us that the university has requested they not discuss Dr. Wang’s disappearance with the media so we’re on our own here.

If anyone out there has info on C.D. Knowles, Dr. Li Wang or Caitlin Wang aka CD Wang, we would greatly appreciate it! Please send us your tips here.

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