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Presidential Call for Unity

From the Editors 2 years ago

Trump’s call for unity yesterday in the wake of the discovery of multiple pipe bombs addressed to Obama, Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats was a total joke. He called for a civil tone among politicians and US citizens, perhaps the most presidential attempt he’s made at unifying our deeply divided country since he started on the campaign trail, but screwed the whole thing up royally in his next breath by condemning the press. You know, the press that exposes his true colors — the tax schemes, the affairs with porn stars, the multiple lawsuits, the unpaid contractors, etc etc etc.

He called for politicians to stop name calling and labeling one another as morally defunct. What?! He’s the leader of the pack here!

History shows us that conservative zealots have waged war on those who are “other” including protesters, civil rights activists, LGBT, journalists, students…  But, according to Trump’s sheeple, the #MAGABomber is a hoax created by Democrats so they’d perform better at the polls. Right.

First, the Dems made up Trump’s sparse inauguration crowd, next it was the fake news (when investigative reporting shows his true colors), then came the so-called fake accusations against #Kavanaugh, and now it’s #fakebombs. Amazing.


Nicole Jeffords, Fake President, Oil on Canvas, 14×11, 2018

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