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What Is There to Fear Now That Reason Has Prevailed?

Charles Krause 4 years ago

What is there to fear now that reason has prevailed?

Just irrationality itself.


“Donald will not stay quiet or play nice,”
says Dr. Gary Maynard. “The question
then becomes, ‘will he get violent
or spur on violence?'”

Above: Illustration by Jack Swersie / Below: GOOD TROUBLE poster by Michael Forbes





I urge you to read this interview with Gary Maynard and send it to anyone you know in government or the mainstream media. Dr. Maynard has done pioneering research documenting Jim Jones’s malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Maynard’s research strongly suggests it was this mental illness that compelled Jones to order the assassination of Rep. Leo J Ryan and several journalists traveling with him and the mass suicide murder of more than 900 of his followers, his family, and himself, 42 years ago this month in Jonestown.

Dr. Maynard believes Donald Trump suffers from the same illness, malignant NPD, which he fears could trigger in Trump the same kind of violent and destructive response to defeat, it did in Jones in 1978, when he thought the Congressman would expose Jonestown for what it was once he returned to Washington. Dr. Maynard explains what to look for in Trump, as the President reacts to his defeat—and how best to avert an irrational act of retribution with potentially far greater consequences and loss of life than Jonestown, between now and Trump’s last day in office two months from now.

swamp report

The Weekend Swamp
7/8 November 2020


“He may become the first president
to be forcibly arrested and
removed from the White House”


Gary Maynard received his PhD from Stony Brook and is currently an adjunct lecturer in the Sociology department at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California.
His research confirms what many of us who traveled to Jonestown with Congressman Ryan, including the Congressman’s legislative assistant at the time, now Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-Calif), suspected about Jones’s mental illness, and informs our concerns about the dangers President Trump’s Narcissism poses to the Nation.

A psychological profile of our
Narcissist President
as he contemplates defeat

SWAMP: Do you think President Trump suffers from the same malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder as Jim Jones did?

MAYNARD: Yes, I do and I think he may not really be aware of the violent outburst that he is capable of since he grew up wealthy and bullied people, who basically let him get away with threats of physical or career violence without needing to actually physically attack people. For the American people, this issue of Donald Trump not really being aware of the violent tendencies he has inside him and has been building year after year (just watch his look of hatred and anger when Obama mocked him at the correspondent’s dinner in 2015).

Donald Trump’s lack of or unwillingness to self-reflect in order to self-improve, and his lack of empathy while being threatened with his first major, public, political and personal defeat, might activate a sense of the need for the use of violence, violent protests by his supporters or outright sabotage of the nation by locking down the economy or some other major act to damage the nation before he is forced to leave office, if he loses.

If he wins, he will take the time (a lot of time) in humiliating, mocking, attacking and even arresting and trying to execute people who doubted and opposed him, similar to when he threatened Senator Flake of Arizona right in the White House during a public meeting with other Senators.

Win or lose, “we have not seen the last of this NPD sufferer”

I fear for his reaction, either way, and the reaction of the QAnon and Trump supporters in general, if Donald continues to push the concepts to his followers that Joe Biden and the Dems are demonic, inhuman and un-American – those are trigger words and a form of race and gender baiting.

Jim Jones, on the other hand, grew up neglected, abused and very poor. He was stigmatized by others and cultivated a persona of a battered man who fought against the injustices of life. The main difference is that Donald was the bully and therefore has not yet, but may soon, feel persecuted, trapped and cornered…(Destroying the prize the victor has won) is one of the ways those with severe NPD, will lash out in a violent and self-destructive and suicidal way to go out in a “blaze of glory” beating back the opposing forces who are just jealous enemies of the NPD sufferer and are stopping the narcissist from achieving his/her destiny of greatness.

Will he jump like a wounded wolverine into the face of the American government, people and the whole world?  And what will be the response of the other ego-maniac NPD sufferers? Or of his opponents, who are not aware of what damage and hatred he may or may not have in his mind.

The NPD sufferer then moves into the world of Borderline Personality Disorder with violent ruminations and ideations and then it is only a match throw away from the person exploding. And if they are the president or were, they can cause a lot of damage.

SWAMP: How else are they similar?

MAYNARD: They both have/had messiah complexes – but Trump’s is more like the Sinful Messiah of David Koresh, but more vulgar – he by no means thinks he is Jesus, but he definitely sees himself as worthy of the honor and power and thinks this is his purpose of life now. And that is a lot to try and moderate and prevent it from hyper-inflating his ego, which he did not need. He, like Jim Jones, was fascinated by charismatic historical figures like Hitler and Mussolini and knows how to get a crowd to react – since politics is new to him, he may not know what and how to try and effect a coup d’état or violent resistance, but even if he is removed peacefully, he will not go away and stay quiet like other former presidents have.

I can even see him trying to run again in 2024, since he did not serve two terms. If he wins again, that might mollify or distract him from the specific levers he could use to detain people he hated or use martial law/Stasi techniques to hound his enemies into misery.

Either way, I would not count on him focusing on the real issues and business of the American people. And who knows what mistakes are waiting for him since he refuses to see that he exaggerates, misperceives and misrepresents himself and the reality surrounding himself and the country.


Gotterdammerun by Jim Boden

Evidence of Trump’s malignant narcissism during the campaign and since

SWAMP: Did you see evidence of Trump’s NPD during the campaign?

MAYNARD: Yes, his attention grabbing at the debates—especially the first one. The need and drive to have his rallies with his adoring public. The 60 Minutes interview where he walked out. The town hall that replaced the 2nd debate. His bout with Covid-19. His last-minute trips to the battleground states and his refusal to accept the coronavirus issue and not wearing the mask.

Now, I see him retreating and seeing everyone, even his own children, as traitors and blaming them if he loses – once a malignant narcissist loses all the people who make them feel like the best/the greatest, they blame and then turn on them and that is the beginning of the end as they can slowly unravel or implode with light speed deadliness. Since Donald is facing hard deadlines, if he wins or loses, that will force his hand.

SWAMP: Have you seen evidence of his NPD since the polls closed Tuesday (specifically, his White House statement claiming victory early Wednesday morning)?

MAYNARD: Yes, and the lawsuits he filed and him retreating is worrisome. With vain malignant narcissism – if they brood and burn up in quiet desperation as their power slips away, that is when they decide to say “Fuck it – let’s go out and take out those who harmed and sabotaged and betrayed me.”

I could see him blaming AG Barr and Senator Graham and Pelosi, etc. And, if that happens, then it will indicate to me that he is planning and plotting. And, if his narcissistic enablers, like his family and so-called friends, do not pull him out of it by putting it into context – saying things like – “you had a good run and they are just jealous and you are better than them, you can get them back later,” then he will light his own fuse.

Now that Biden has reached 270, how to temper Trump’s Narcissism

SWAMP: Would you expect Trump to concede defeat?

MAYNARD: I think he will if it is clear that he cannot overcome the “cheating” and that Biden and others play up (to the) vain part of his ego and not to the superior part and tell him what a great job he did and they will never forget you now. Champ – that kind of stuff. The military, Congress, Supreme Court, and the Secret Service, along with the military, need to “talk him off the ledge” by subtly, but firmly, telling him that it is time to go.

Play on his warped sense of being a patriot and this fight is not worth it.

(If they) appeal to the need for calm and peace in the streets, that will just remind him that he has that option —to send the neo-Nazi or whatever they try and hide behind by calling themselves ALT right—he may call them to action and they will go into the streets. That would buoy his spirits and energize his need to strike and lash out against the sins of his enemies.

Luckily, he is not a religiously based charismatic malignant narcissist, so it will be hard for him to say this was approved by God. And I do not see a public conversion to appeal to God as the authority he speaks and acts for, in these final moments of his power and public life.

SWAMP: Will he work with Biden to ensure a smooth and peaceful transition?

MAYNARD: Only if Biden feeds into his ego and compliments him and honors his presidency and maybe even admits that the Steele Dossier was a hoax. Otherwise, he will use both verbal and legal means to beat them down and make it hard to get into the White House and get anything started. If they call him names or show any disrespect, I could see him forcing the issue with the Secret Service and again appeal for civil strife to avenge the injustice done to him.

Signs that Trump is becoming irrational, planning retribution and revenge

SWAMP: What else might he do?

MAYNARD: I expect complaining, name calling, dropping scandalous and compromising material on Biden and Clinton and Obama and maybe even using the executive orders to make some last minute extreme proclamations, or try to arrest Biden or at least his son.

The QAnon people really, really worry me, that they will see this as the last hour of their movement where they must act to save the world from the communist Democratic party, the one-world government, and the demonic child sex cult that is running the world.

SWAMP: What will you be looking for to determine if he has entered the final stage of NPD (when malignant Narcissists undertake violent acts of retribution against their perceived enemies and even supporters they blame for failing to protect them)?

MAYNARD: If he is too quiet and has that 1000 mile stare in his eyes – if he is not his normal high energy and irritable and irascible self – if he does not fight against the media and then launches some ill-advised attempt to hold the White House OR he ramps up his rhetoric to include more morbid and explicit references to violence OR you see the Proud Boys act as if Donald was tweeting to get them to act to stop the crimes and criminals that are “illegally removing him from office.”

Trump won’t go quietly

SWAMP: How might that play out?

MAYNARD: Violence in the streets from the left and right – that will spur him to act. He may become the first president to be forcibly arrested and removed from the White House.

Or, he may, like has been mentioned, start a news network, and do everything to spread misinformation and ruin Biden’s presidency and maybe even run for Senate somewhere.

Either way – we have not seen the last of this NPD sufferer. He will not go quiet into any goodnight and he will suffer as he gets older and has a stroke or cancer and has to face death. Many baby boomers in power and active in the 60s culture are very, very frightened by the specter of dying and being rendered powerless in the world. Not being able to speak and get around by yourself is devastating to those who fear aging and death.

Donald will NOT stay quiet or stay still or play nice. The question then becomes will he get violent or spur on violence? Because he does not care if he ruins the peace and safety of the US society. And he would not care about driving the economy further into the ground as long as it hurts Biden and not him.



Portrait by Nicole Jeffords

Copyright © 2020

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  1. sikis izle November 15, 2020

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    Dr. Gary Maynard

  3. davis August 10, 2021

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  4. You're fired August 10, 2021

    Oof this interview has not aged well. Seems Gary was the real one with serious mental health issues. https://www.thedailybeast.com/criminal-justice-professor-gary-maynard-set-blazes-across-northern-california-as-dixie-fire-raged-cops-say

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  18. Mitch August 12, 2021

    Shall we unpack the extent to which Dr.. Maynard was projecting his own malignancy onto Trump?
    A criminal justice professor allegedly went on an arson spree

    He screamed at police in the Lassen County Jail, “I’m going to kill you, f—king pig!”


  19. Andrew Wilkins August 12, 2021

    I’ll just leave this here:
    Firefighters battling the Dixie Fire have also been facing a second enemy: a serial arsonist who went on a spree of setting fires in July and August — and who sought to trap fire crews with his fires, according to agents from the U.S. Forest Service. They allege former college professor Gary Maynard is the culprit, citing their tracking of his movements and other evidenc

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    Apparently that was more Gary Maynard’s thing.

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    Ironic that this Gary Maynard creature has just been arrested for serially starting fires in California. Why is it so predictable that Gary is a cookie cutter Trump hating leftist, projecting his own pathologies on those of others? We’ve seen this dance all too many times before.

  22. DitkaVs12miniDitkas August 12, 2021

    “Donald will NOT stay quiet or stay still or play nice. The question then becomes will he get violent or spur on violence? ”

    That’s funny considering the author just committed multiple arson fires in California in an apparent attempt to kill firefighters. Enjoy prison you whack-job.

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  31. James M Bathgate August 15, 2021

    So Dr. Maynard, did they give you access to a computer in prison as you await trial on multiple charges of arson? Are you too “A Narcissist whose defeat could trigger an irrational, even suicidal, response.” We await your “expert” response.

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    You would think that ” firebug maynard” would’ve, at some point asked the question of why was the murderous Jones a frequent guest to the governor’s mansion of Pat Brown, D-CA, and a generous contributor to Brown’s causes, while he was expanding his cult and taking all of the mostly black members’ money and social security checks. What else did YOU know about him, also?

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