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In Remembrance of Gharith Pendragon

Nicole Jeffords 3 years ago

We, at ArtProfiler, were very saddened by the news that clairvoyant, Gharith Pendragon, passed away on January 21, 2018 in his home in Austin, Texas.


Nicole Jeffords & Gharith Pendragon

Gharith was the real deal: a psychic, a wizard, a prognosticator who, from childhood, had the gift of seeing and hearing messages from his angels. He helped scores of people with information about past or future events, specializing particularly in missing persons cases. Gharith enjoyed working with the police. If you went to his apartment for a reading, you’d see dozens of letters of thanks and recommendation from local congressmen, politicians, clients, and teaching institutions where Gharith had lectured. It was Gharith’s vision of a murdered healer buried beneath an artist’s studio in Austin, that kicked off the episodic online novel, A Secret Grave, now just ending its second season on ArtProfiler.com.


A Secret Grave cast

Rest in peace, dear friend. The world will be a lonelier place without you.pendragon