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Sean Spicer, Melania’s Buddy Guard & Donald Trump All Work for ArtProfiler

Randi Turkin February 14, 2018

Did we just see Sean Spicer in the ArtProfiler office? YES!

sean spicer

Hunger Games Spying Techniques Employed by White House – with Kellyanne Conway & Sean Spicer

Just kidding! Leigh Downing, aka Sean Spicer, who plays various roles in our satirical videos, has officially joined the ArtProfiler team as our Web & Social Media Assistant. We are so happy to have her on board! Now it’ll be so much easier to keep up with all the trolls who chime in.

You can see her portrayals of the various characters at the following links:

Sean Spicer Gets a Lesson in Conceptual Art at Big Medium

Melania Trump Spotted in EAST Austin!

Sean Spicer After the White House

Spicer Fights Back After Trump’s DIS-invitation to Meet the Pope

Sean Spicer Celebrates 100 Days at Eyeore’s in Austin

Trump White House Employs Hunger Games Spying Techniques