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A Secret Grave: Sneak Peeks

A Secret Grave S2E65-68

Randi Turkin January 2, 2018

Previously in A Secret Grave, Nicole learns that she is related to Maria Danciu, the former actress who had an affair with Nicu Ceausescu, son of the Romanian dictator. Their relationship produced a baby – Sabina, who now lives in Houston, but fled to Austin when Hurricane Harvey hit. Eric, a colleague of disappeared healer Victor Goodlove, tasks Nicole with finding Sabina. She may know the whereabouts of one of the volumes of the Bukh, the mysterious bible of magical remedies that has been passed down in Victor’s family for generations. After tracking her down, Nicole learns that Sabina does, in fact, have knowledge of the Bukh. So the big question now is, where can we find it?