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A Secret Grave: Sneak Peeks

A Secret Grave S2E88-90 – Season Finale

Randi Turkin February 13, 2018

Previously in A Secret Grave, Nicole receives a package from Sighisoara, Romania. Inside the package, along with other miscellaneous items, is the Bukh, an ancient bible of medical remedies, cures and prophecies passed down through the generations in alternative healer Victor Goodlove’s family. For two years Nicole has been researching Victor’s strange disappearance and the origins of the Bukh, and now that its in her possession she can see with a naked eye that an almost imperceptible glow emanates from it, causing it to seem as if it were alive. It isn’t lost on her that ownership of the Bukh leads to murder, kidnapping and suicide. Everyone – Big Pharma, the Russians, the FBI – wants to get their hands on it because of its ancient codes. And now it’s in her house.

And she’s gone missing.


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