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Serpent of Dreams

Joshua Kight 6 years ago

Serpent of Dreams

Joshua Kight – 6/10/18


I see you and your questions, like

“Why had your woman given you this fruit?”

Bitten on the heel by a serpent of dreams.

You, Beheading him with a shovel like slicing an eclair

to drain his last bit of poisonous advice

Stirring it in Red Wine

So you can march on.

I hear your voice on the serrated edge

that is poised at my wrist.

Asking the next question

“Who can I blame this on?”

You threaten the peace with a flurry of verbs

unless I see the same holes in the ground as you.

You have movies in your mind

with mirror-lit eyes that must choose

between the extremes of light and a dark ditch

where you can’t see the dismay around you.

The fields in front of you are covered

with the wounded, crying

for a last drop of mother’s milk

before going to the other world,

Where roiled soil settles at last

and every viper’s tongue is left wriggling in the mud

under foot while you embrace sweet sleep

as your last best lover.


Feature photo: Georgia Red Mud Painter

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