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A Shared Vision | Davis Gallery (Austin)

Nicole Jeffords 4 years ago

Denise M. Fulton
Sam Yeates
March 2–April 13
Davis Gallery, Austin, TX

A few nights ago, I went to an opening at the Davis Gallery on 12th Street in Austin and as usual it was well-attended with lots to see. Two artists were on view: Denise M. Fulton who, over the past few years, has shown a fascination with the female form displayed against or entwined with various backgrounds, and Sam Yeates, a realist painter who presents us with dreamy landscapes and almost mythical images of birds and women.

shared vision

A Shared Vision, gallery view

denise fulton

Denise M. Fulton, Camouflage, Oil on Board

sam yeates

Sam Yeates, Scissortail Morning, Acrylic on Wood Panel

The two artists have each presented us with a large body of work, almost as if, in this one show, we are provided the gift of seeing two exhibits at once. I don’t mean there is a feeling of disjointedness, but rather that the work is extensive. Fulton’s paintings evoke, for this reviewer at least, interesting sensations of being cramped, pilloried, objectified, pushed into a box. Which means she has successfully gotten her point across.

chutes and ladders

Denise M. Fulton, Chutes and Ladders, Oil on Board


Denise M. Fulton, Pinocchio, Oil on Board

Mr. Yeates is a very different kind of painter, imperturbable and serene, with carefully composed compositions that have soft tonal values and an overall feeling of sweetness — a sweetness sometimes tinged with mystery.


Sam Yeates, Evening on 281, Acrylic on Linen

crocodile tears

Sam Yeates, You and Your Crocodile Tears, Oil on Panel

I recommend a visit to Davis Gallery to see these two artists with their differing visions of the world. The artist talk is March 30 at 2:00pm.

sam yeates

Sam Yeates

denise fulton

Denise M. Fulton

Cover photo: Work by Denise M. Fulton (left) & Sam Yeates

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