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Shoe Shopping with Melania

Randi Turkin September 28, 2017

On August 29, the president and first lady braved the rainy day for a visit to Texas after Hurricane Harvey destroyed much of the state. After being scrutinized all over social media for wearing stilettos to a disaster area, Melania snuck away with her favorite aide in search of a new look.

We at ArtProfiler find the whole thing sort of amusing. On one side, you have Melania who, as first lady, seems as if she’s reliving her modeling days, with her pouty facial expressions and aura of mystery behind those dark shades. It’s like down to earth, Melania! No one behaves this way! We actually want you to be a real person! But then, you have all the critics who have nothing better to do than condemn her every move. Hey, at least she went to Texas. For the first seven months of Trump’s presidency, she hid in her gilded tower in New York. It was probably a great vacation away from her bully husband.