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Stoneman Douglas High School: Another Day in Murica

Randi Turkin 10 months ago

It was just another day in Murica.

As I was picking up my son from school yesterday, somebody else’s kid was facing the hideous side of humanity, a terror that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. I’m talking, of course, about the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.


This morning I felt queasy as I read more reports and watched videos taken by students on their cell phones capturing the sheer panic and fear that was spreading throughout their campus. Then I listened to Donald Trump’s address to the nation, and I was no longer nauseous. I was angry. I AM angry. While he waxed on and on, “You’re not alone…. Answer cruelty with kindness, hate with love,” I could literally feel my blood pulsing hot. When has HE ever done this? Trump exemplifies the worst of humanity. Look at him on Twitter, or even how he engages with other world leaders, or with anyone really, how he shifts blame on everyone except for himself. How he resorts to name calling with those who don’t agree with him. He is the biggest bully of them all. If he thinks the majority of this nation fell for his emotional act he is dumber than I thought.

Trump spoke of tackling the issue of mental health. It was DONALD TRUMP who rescinded the Obama-era regulation that placed restrictions on gun purchases by those deemed mentally unfit. Nikolas Cruz, the confirmed school shooter, has a rampaging history of mental trouble. He was seeking help last year at a psychiatric clinic. He had social media accounts which displayed photos of his self-termed “arsenal.” Teachers at the high school were warned last year about Cruz’ erratic behavior, and he was banned from campus after being expelled for behavioral issues. A man named Nikolas Cruz was reported to the FBI last year for making a comment on YouTube to the effects of “I am going to be a professional school shooter.” An investigation ensued, and today it was confirmed that it was the same Cruz, but apparently the FBI couldn’t figure out who he was. The signs were ALL there. And yet, he was still able to purchase a gun.

And the whole Second Amendment right to bear arms argument? Not here, buddy. A knife, a shotgun, a hammer — all murder weapons easy to get your hands on. A semi-automatic weapon that can murder multiple humans in under 5 seconds? Not what our forefathers had in mind for us. Aside from stroking a small penis, I mean ego, automatic rifles have absolutely NO PURPOSE in civilian hands. But we all know the NRA has Donald Trump by the balls, so until we get someone in the Oval Office who has half a brain, gun reform is just a pipe dream. How many innocent lives will be stolen before that happens?

I am all for Trump’s promise to address mental health in this country. But it is DONALD TRUMP who wants to destroy Obamacare, a plan that allows millions of Americans to seek mental health treatment. So, while he goes on and on about promising improvement and declaring the need for action, I do not believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

“In these moments of heartache and darkness, we hold on to God’s word in scripture: ‘I have heard your prayer and seen your tears. I will heal you,’” Trump said. I call bull shit.

Article by Randi Turkin


Another White Mass Murderer, Nicole Jeffords, Oil on Canvas, 14×11

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