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I’m Running In

From the Editors 10 months ago

Storming in Without a Weapon? Right.


Hypocrite, Nicole Jeffords Original Portrait, Oil on Canvas, 14×11 (2017) – $1,200
Giclee – $250
Meme Poster – $35

Can you imagine Trump running? This week, while chastising the Broward County sheriff deputies who did not enter Stoneman Douglas High School during the tragic shooting, he boastfully claimed, “I really believe I’d run in there, even if I didn’t have a weapon.” Right.


The Washington Post published a great article last night detailing Trump’s reactions to danger.

  1. He got spooked at a campaign rally when an attendee ran onto the stage.

2. He was scared of a 27-year-old bald eagle named Uncle Sam.

3. He has earned the nickname “Cadet Bone Spurs” for avoiding serving in the Vietnam War. Five times.

4. He’s disgusted by blood and germs.

Well, we are disgusted by you, Mr. President.

We’ll leave you with the brilliance of Stephen Colbert.


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