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Tremendous Parade for a Bigly Ego (Times Two)

From the Editors 11 months ago

Major Backlash as Trump Plans Military Parade


Nicole Jeffords Original Portrait, Oil on Canvas, 14×11, (2017) – $1,200
Giclee – $250

Trump wants a military parade! Why? Let’s list the reasons.

10. His ego needs soothing.

9. He is out of touch with the financial reality of staging such a display.

8. He likes pageantry.

7. He is a dictator wanna-be.

6. He wants to show how mighty he is.

5. He is insecure.

4. Macron’s Bastille Day parade must be topped. (Trump’s own words)

3. He needs a(nother) distraction from the Russia investigation.

2. This event is certain to land him more TV coverage.

1. Kim Jong-un gets to have a bunch of parades.


North Korea held a military parade yesterday in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Korean People’s Army. For the last 40 years, the annual parade has been held in April. This was the first time it had been given a February date. Some, including the US, warned that this could hinder relations between the North and South just as tensions seemed to be easing with plans for leaders from the two countries to meet during the Olympics. One can only imagine Trump’s fury in the wake of the news that he desires his own show of military might.

I could talk for hours about the stupidity of staging such a tremendous display of arrogance in the US — starting with the financial aspect. It will cost millions of taxpayer dollars to parade our troops (and their tanks) down Pennsylvania Avenue. How about we spend that money on getting our military home safely? Or feed some homeless Americans and VETERANS. Or get some underserved kids a better education. Or help our citizens attain affordable health insurance. Anything! Anything would be better than wasting money so that Trump can feel like a king.

Here are some great articles on the whole foolish idea:

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And just for fun, because, hey, humor is our only way to cope with these crazy times: Late-night hosts on Trump’s military parade: ‘Who has dictator bingo?‘ – The Guardian


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