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Vagaries, True and False

Nicole Jeffords 3 years ago

Artprofiler is growing fast and we, the editors, have decided to add a fun, insightful, gossipy blog about the website, the weirdness of Austin, and stories true and false, past and present about the vagaries and challenges of life in general.


Leslie Cochran, photo credit Jason McELweenie, Flickr Creative Commons


Nicole Jeffords, ArtProfiler’s founder

Be prepared for shocks and wild tales about people you may or may not know. I, for instance, was the narrator of A SECRET GRAVE, the episodic novel about disappeared healer, Victor Goodlove, that ran on Artprofiler for two seasons.

secret grave

Nicole Jeffords, Victor, The Disappeared Healer (A Secret Grave Series), Oil on Canvas, 20×16, 2016

My connection with the novel broke when I received a certain something in the mail that readers of A SECRET GRAVE will know about, but that I can’t mention here, at this point at least, because of too many inherent risks. However, I can bring you up to date on some of the characters and maybe one day, when things calm down a little, I’ll be able to tell you what actually happened. In the meanwhile, we are beginning to invite other writers with interesting stories, poetry, opinion pieces to contribute to the site. And, of course, as you may have seen on our Artist Monthly page, we’ve begun to feature the work of talented creatives from Austin as well as other parts of the country on a regular basis.

jennifer balkan

May Artist Monthly – Jennifer Balkan, Home, Oil on aluminum panel, 24”x24,” 2017

And, of course I have to mention the memes, which we began to produce a little over a year ago, and which have brought us frequently hair-raising commentary from both sides of the political divide in the US.


You can see those regularly here.

So we invite you to enjoy ArtProfiler in its new expanded form, and to look for this editorial blog, UNVARNISHED, a couple times a week. We promise a wild ride, starting with the story of a risk I took as a painter that very nearly upended me earlier this year. I’m still alive to tell the tale, but ouch!

Feature photo: www.geekdad.fr/mario-vs-minecraft-roller-coaster