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Week in Review, August 24

From the Editors 5 months ago

Week in Review

August 24 – In the infamous words of James Comey, “LORDY!” It has been a cuh-razy week in Washington.

This week you’ll find the latest news and editorials about the president’s ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen’s, and ex-campaign manager, Paul Manafort’s convictions, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ rare push back at Trump, what may come next for Trump regarding the Mueller investigation and more.


Trump responds to Jeff Sessions push-back: Look at ‘corruption on the ‘other side’’

Reality Winner, who pleaded guilty to leaking secret U.S. report, gets 63-month sentence

Breaking: Manhattan D.A. looking at charges for Trump Org: NYT

Swalwell: What else is in the locked safe of Trump secrets?

Pecker’s past practice puts POTUS in a pickle, precludes Pulitzer


Betsy DeVos is reportedly considering allowing states to use federal funding to arm school teachers

The three illegal acts that may have helped Trump win the presidency

Senate Democrats officially call for Kavanaugh postponement, cite possible crimes by Trump

Trump on Weisselberg: ‘He Did Whatever Was Necessary’

Democrats seek Justice Department briefing on Cohen

Prosecutors grant immunity to longtime Trump finance chief

John McCain to Discontinue Treatment for Brain Cancer, Family Says

Federal investigators for security clearances question news media contacts of military officials

6 big questions after the Cohen and Manafort convictions

Cohen pleads guilty, implicates Trump in hush-money scheme

Now the Trump administration wants to limit citizenship for legal immigrants

A Russian Oligarch Bought Maryland’s Election Vendor. Now These Senators Are Questioning the Rules

The White House’s Top Lawyer Met With Robert Mueller’s Team. Here’s What His Predecessors Think

Trump is going to learn a very painful lesson

Trump ready to ease rules on coal-fired power plants

Exclusive: Trump worries that Mueller interview could be a‘perjury trap’

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