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WEST Exhibit #348: Mélange by ArtProfiler – ArtProfiler

From the Editors 7 months ago

Exhibiting artist with ArtProfiler, WEST Austin Studio Tour – ArtProfiler


Artprofiler.com started as artist Nicole Jeffords’ personal website in 2013 and featured her portraiture, photos and written histories of the people she painted and interviewed. After about a year, she hired editor, Randi Turkin, to help expand the website to incorporate her stories, including a memoir entitled The World of Franyo and a two-part serialized novel, A Secret Grave, which includes portraits of the characters. As the duo began working on Season Two of A Secret Grave, they realized they had outgrown the website. Along with portraiture and serialized stories that created an accurate picture of today’s cultural climate, they had begun to include satirical videos and provocative political memes. Suddenly they had become a cultural site that portrayed the crazy roller coaster beliefs, artifacts and momentum of our times. In early fall 2017, they revamped the website with a whole new look and goal: to be an Austin-based online cultural magazine dedicated to publishing edgy art, literature, video and opinion pieces that speak to the restive energy, complicated politics and angst of our times.

Since late 2017 the site has gained popularity, and Nicole and Randi have expanded the content by bringing in other writers and artists who are published often. Regular features on the site include Artist Monthly, The World of Franyo, Knowles Knows Advice Column, art reviews and political memes. In early 2019 the team launched their online store which showcases a variety of high-quality products by various artists with whom they collaborate. Items include clothing, accessories, prints, mugs, towels, pillows, bags, original art and there is plenty more to come!

Big Medium’s West Austin Studio Tour (WEST) is a free, annual, self-guided art event spanning two weekends in May. WEST provides opportunities for the public to meet the artists of Austin in their creative spaces.

west austin

ArtProfiler is pleased to be hosting 12 artists at this year’s WEST Austin Studio Tour! We’d be so honored if you would swing by to take a peek & visit with us. We are not your typical art tour stop — our exhibit takes place in the home of our creative director where you’ll get a taste of old Austin charm — most of our tour goers grab some refreshments, find a seat on the couch and stay awhile.

*** Artist Talk: Sat 5/18 at 3:00PM ***

You can expect to see oil & acrylic paintings, wood works, assemblage art, print, cloth, video, jewelry & more. Have a look at our event page here.

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