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WEST Exhibit #348: Mélange by ArtProfiler – Ines Batllo

From the Editors 4 months ago

Exhibiting artist with ArtProfiler, WEST Austin Studio Tour – Ines Batllo


A native of Catalunia, Ines Batllo has travelled from Spain across Europe, the Americas and beyond, but what she creates reaches beyond the places she sees and so successfully portrays. To appreciate her work is to explore images from her childhood, her imagination and her own unique interpretation of universal myth. She leads us back to the kind of knowledge and experience we all know intuitively but somehow fail to remember without a little help from someone who sees them more clearly and portrays them with a force that makes their reality undeniable.

Using a range of materials from oils to bee’s wax, Ms. Batllo enlists whatever method she feels will best present the image and engage the viewer. The result is work that may appear almost traditional or completely unexplored but always engaging and always touching on what we “see” intuitively as well as visually. The work that Ms. Batllo offers up to us are as undeniably real as they are engaging and unique.

Ines Batllo resides in Austin and has shown her work in museums and galleries in Texas, such as the Mexic-Arte Museum, La Peña, Bay 6, the Capitol, the Palmer Center, Gallery Nord, Big Medium Gallery and other venues in Texas. Ines currently works and exhibits at IBVA – Ines Batllo Visual Arts and at Canopy Studios.


My intention is always to deliver a message, so every year I work in a specific concept. For the past 5 years, I have been working with the concept of preserving wisdom. To represent the concept of preserving wisdom, people and books have been the focus. This body of work portrays books as a symbol of language, which differentiates us from the rest of the life’s creatures. The artwork is an aerial perspective, looking at people from above for an objective point of view.

west austin

Big Medium’s West Austin Studio Tour (WEST) is a free, annual, self-guided art event spanning two weekends in May. WEST provides opportunities for the public to meet the artists of Austin in their creative spaces.

west austin

ArtProfiler is pleased to be hosting 12 artists at this year’s WEST Austin Studio Tour! We’d be so honored if you would swing by to take a peek & visit with us. We are not your typical art tour stop — our exhibit takes place in the home of our creative director where you’ll get a taste of old Austin charm — most of our tour goers grab some refreshments, find a seat on the couch and stay awhile.

*** Artist Talk: Sat 5/18 at 3:00PM ***

You can expect to see oil & acrylic paintings, wood works, assemblage art, print, cloth, video, jewelry & more. Have a look at our event page here.

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