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Whacko Investigation

Nicole Jeffords 6 months ago

Perhaps because of the online witch hunt I’d just witnessed in the dance community, I was truly disturbed by the news of the maestro’s firing. To put it bluntly, the details — or lack of them — seemed suspicious, and the story just didn’t sound right. I was still pretty incapacitated from my shoulder surgery. I think I’d just switched from Oxycodone to marijuana cookies, but either way I was definitely drugged, so no telling about my reactions to things. It was early in the morning when I saw the news. I called a friend on the opera board who told me the situation was whacko: the director of the company, a young woman who’d been hired not quite a year before, had terminated the maestro without calling together the full board and without mounting a proper investigation. Well, there had been an investigation, but it consisted of one person only, the director herself, so it wasn’t exactly objective.


This news disturbed me so much that I called my psychic friend, Tammy, who lives in Michigan. Now before you go psychic ew and picture a Mme. Blavatsky type sitting in a darkened living room with a Tarot deck, I have to tell you I’ve been talking to Tammy for years and she’s always right. Nor is she just a voice on the phone; we’ve met in person and we check in with each other regularly. But that’s a whole other story. On the subject of the maestro’s firing, Tammy cut me off before I got two sentences out and yelled: “It’s political!”


“I’m telling you right now, this maestro is just an arty farty, touchy feely sort of guy, know what I mean? In no way is he a sexual predator. The only reason he’s being fired is because someone wants him gone.”

Someone wants him gone. Those words were fuel to my sense that the maestro’s termination wasn’t exactly straightforward. I had no skin in this game, remember. I was just an out-of-it lady recovering from a big, intrusive surgery and kind of high on drugs, but the news that a talented man had been ruined for life because of another person’s ambitions made me furious and I was going to do something about it.


Feature photo: https://rednationrising.wordpress.com/2013/07/28/blue-dem-obama-a-green-whacko/

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