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Worried Pet Owners

CD Knowles 5 months ago

Dear Knowles,

My husband and I have a very strained relationship with our neighbor, who does not like dogs (we have three). Their yard abuts ours, with a fence running between the houses. Our dogs are guard dogs (as well as pets) so we like them to be outside, roaming the property. And yes, they do bark, but we’re careful to keep that at a minimum, especially at night. Recently we found a block of rat poison flung in our yard. Thank god we discovered it in time to run the dogs to the vet and get them treated (which was very expensive). We can’t prove our neighbor did this, though it’s pretty obvious he did. The vet advised us to notify the police, but we’re worried that would aggravate the situation and make things worse. We’ve been monitoring the yard every day since the incident, but don’t feel it’s very safe to leave the dogs out there. What would you advise us to do for peace of mind?


Worried Pet Owners

pet owners

Dear Worried Pet Owners,

I think you missed your opportunity. You should have gone to the police, which might have knocked some sense into your neighbor. As it is, he must have known you took the dogs to the vet, and sensed your fear and panic — the equivalent of a shark smelling blood. Now you have to wait for the next assault, another block of rat poison tossed in the yard, because your neighbor has weirdness around dogs and most likely that will happen. One suggestion is that you install a surveillance camera in your backyard so that you can totally monitor the situation. Otherwise, it’s wait-and-see.

Good luck to you,

CD Knowles



vulnerable and scared

Dear Vulnerable,

You are in a horrible mess and I suggest you go straight to the police. What if you get pregnant? You need to protect yourself in every way and fast! Don’t be scared. The law is on your sideGood luck,

Peter D, Lincoln, Nebraska


Dear Vlunerable,

Oh you poor baby. If it were me, I’d take the guy’s eyes out if he got near me. Better yet, rip off his balls. Your mother needs to step in and read her creep brother the riot act. This kind of behavior has probably gone on a long time and she’s in denial. Well, the time for denial is over. You look your mama right in the eye and tell her in graphic terms what your uncle did. Then you say if she doesn’t do something, you’re calling the police. You’ll be ok in the end. Best of luck,

Rita S, Gainesville, FL


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