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Michael Cohen, America’s Fixer

From the Editors 6 months ago

Could Michael Cohen be the fixer for all of us? 


Sketch by Nicole Jeffords, Meme design & article by Randi Turkin

Michael Cohen’s explosive testimony to the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Wednesday paves the path for indictment of Donald Trump, and potentially, his kids, lawyers and colleagues.

Unsurprisingly, freshman NY Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ five minutes of questioning was succinct and strategically organized. In questioning Cohen she asked specifically for the names of other witnesses who could provide the same answers he was giving under oath, providing a path forward for the Committee to interview and/ or subpoena multiple witnesses. Not only did she get names including executives Allen Weisselberg, Ron Lieberman and Matthew Calamari, she specifically asked if the reviewing of Trump’s financial statements and tax documents would provide evidence of Trump’s bank, tax and insurance fraud. Cohen answered, “Yes.”

For a summary of people Cohen named and hearing highlights, click here.

There were other representatives who got some answers as well, but sadly most of the hearing yielded too few answers because many of the politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike, were too busy making speeches instead of asking questions. This was an opportunity lost, but we do have multiple avenues to pursue now. Committee Chair Elijah Cummings closed the hearing with an emotional speech telling the Committee, “We have to get back to normal.”

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